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What is A Cock Tease?

You’re absentmindedly staring at the woman across from you on the subway. You don’t realize that you have been looking at her since she got on the train. She is reading a newspaper, her legs crossed at the knee. Her sandal hangs half off her foot as she moves her leg. You notice she has earphones in her ears. Suddenly, she catches your eye and smiles. Her eyes never leave you as she deliberately drops a part of the newspaper in her hand. You watch, fascinated, as she bends down to retrieve it. As she does she allows her shirt to fall open and gives you a perfect view of her bare breasts. You try not to let the shock show on your face as she continues to smile and read her newspaper. Did your eyes trick you or did a complete stranger just show you her breasts? A thrill runs through you and you shiver slightly.

She gets off at the next stop without ever saying a word. You have just encountered a cock tease. A cock tease is a woman who loves to tease men, usually in public places. Most women who consider themselves cock teases love to do the “surprise tease”; that is, do something sexy and unexpected.

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We are Uninhibited

A cock tease is a very uninhibited woman. She is at ease with her body and likes to show it off. She knows what looks good on her and rarely is seen in public in sweats and big t shirts. She’s the one dressed in the mini dresses or booty shorts and the tank tops. She loves to wear things that make men stare at her. She works hard to keep her body looking that good! Why cover up those wash board abs?

She always looks her best and seems to have plenty of money, never letting you think she needs you. The best clothes, panties and shoes are the only things that fit this woman. She has her hair and nails done weekly and they’re kept just so. Whether it’s a cocktail dress or jeans and an Oxford, every article is perfect for the occasion. Her motto is: “Live out loud or just disappear.”

A Cock Tease Knows She Has Power Over the Weaker Male Sex

This is a woman who is also well aware of her sexual power. She knows the effect she has on men and loves to use this power. Anytime isa good time for a tease. The guy serving her coffee gets a peek at her cleavage and lacy bra as she is taking her change, or she makes sure that her short skirt rides up to the bottom edge of her panties when she sits in public waiting room next to a guy. Why buy colored panties if you’re not going to show them off? She just loves the surge of power she feels when she knows that a man is staring at her with that hunger in his eyes.

Don’t worry guys; this sexy behavior carries over into relationships, too. In a long term relationship, this lady can imaginative and spontaneous. She will surprise her boyfriend by joining him in his morning shower, or stroking his cock in a quiet corner of his office during his lunch hour. The experienced cock tease knows how to keep him guessing about what will happen next. There is always an opportunity to cop a feel, or to press her breast against his arm. The nice clothes don’t go into the back of the closet in a long term relationship, either. The cock tease knows that it is important to still look as sexy for her boyfriend as she does for the strangers that whistle at her on the street.

She’s Not Afraid to Try Anything

This is a woman unafraid to take chances. She finds ways to fuck in those little bathrooms on the airplane. What else is a boring ten hour flight for if not a little slap and tickle? Of course, her boyfriend has no idea that she is going to do this. He gets up to innocently go to the bathroom, leaving her in the seat beside his. Next thing he knows, she’s squeezing in beside him. That was one transatlantic flight he will never forget. Her boyfriend’s having a birthday? The cock tease rents a strip club and her and her friends entertain the guests with pole dances. Long corporate party? You can usually find them in a spare bedroom or linen closet.

Whether it’s giving a stranger a momentary thrill or keeping her long term boyfriend intrigued, amused and satisfied, the cock tease is always thinking of ways to show off her body and her ability to get and keep men’s attention.