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Why am I a cock tease? That question has many answers and all of them are true. I am uninhibited and I love sex. There is also a certain feeling of empowerment that comes with teasing a man. I have never understood the argument that women are the weaker sex. This is simply not true in my opinion. Whoever controls the sex in the situation, no matter how brief or intimate controls the situation as a whole. Read more about it in The Art of the Tease.

You’re absentmindedly staring at the woman across from you on the subway. You don’t realize that you have been looking at her since she got on the train. She is reading a newspaper, her legs crossed at the knee. Her sandal hangs half off her foot as she moves her leg. You notice she has earphones in her ears. Suddenly, she catches your eye and smiles. Her eyes never leave you as she deliberately drops a part of the newspaper in her hand. You watch, fascinated, as she bends down to retrieve it. As she does she allows her shirt to fall open and gives you a perfect view of her bare breasts. You try not to let the shock show on your face as she continues to smile and read her newspaper. Did your eyes trick you or did a complete stranger just show you her breasts? A thrill runs through you and you shiver slightly. Read what is a cocktease.

As any cock tease worth her salt knows, men can’t resist teasing. Young, old, rich poor, no man can ignore a beautiful woman teasing them. I have seen men try not to react when I walk by in my short skirt and then pretend like I’m picking something up off the floor just to show them my pink panties. I turn and wink at their shocked faces that turn into slow smiles. Then I walk away like it never happened. Read more about why men are unable to resist teasing.

My favorite part of the house is the basement, which we call “the playroom.” We had a pole installed along with a mirrored ceiling. There is a huge king sized bed as well as a fully functioning bar. This is where my husband and I spend most of our time, playing in the playroom. Continue reading Denying My Husband.

I love to tease and deny my boyfriends. I do it with all of them. I can usually count how many times I’ve let them cum on both hands by the time the relationship ends. Also, I’ve only had one relationship end because of my love of denial. Most of the others wanted to continue seeing me, but I decided I was bored and moved on. Continue reading Confessions of a Tease and Denial Mistress.

The reasons men enjoy orgasm denial games are as many and diverse as the men themselves, but those reasons can be broken down into three basic types. Ms. Harper discusses them at length in her essay, Why Deny?

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Even when he goes on business trips without me, he knows that he can call and I’ll talk sexy to him and get him all hot and hard. But he can’t come until he gets home to me. I remember he was in a five star hotel in Rome one night and we were talking sexy and he was begging me to let him come, but I told him how good it would feel when he got home and he could feel my hot mouth around his cock and he decided to wait. He always decides to wait because he knows that delay his orgasm makes it so much more intense when I do let him come that the sweet frustration is worth it.

Today you’ve come to me, your Mistress, to ask me about something that you’ve wondered about for some time. You know that I know everything about you and what you like. I’ve been your Dom for a while and I can read you like a book. You have tried to find out the information in other ways, but haven’t felt like you got the total story from those you’ve asked. So, you gather your courage and ask an expert. What is teasing?

Your biology keeps you from being a good tease. You can’t even play hard to get. Think of you trying to tease this girl. Maybe she turns around and smiles at you, you see more skin, her v-neck tee shirt showing off more skin, almost to her breasts. Are you going to tease her? Give her a quick smile, look away, show her you’re hard? *giggle* That is NOT going to work! You’ll have to pretend you aren’t, somehow get her alone, turn her on, take her panties off and play with her, then stop until she begs you to do more. But that’s just not possible. Read more about why Men aren't as Good at Teasing as Women are.

Teasing and delaying is not only good for the person getting teased. The person doing the teasing gets the benefit of the delayed arousal too. I love it when the guy I’m with looks at me secretly with those hungry eyes, like he could push me against the nearest wall and fuck me till I faint. It makes me feel like I have so much power over him. Read more about tease and delay.

I love controlling men’s orgasms because of the power it gives me over them. I once hired one of my denied lovers to work at my company. While I admit this probably was not the best move as a CEO I could’ve made, he turned out to be one of the best employees I had. Continue reading Why I Love to Deny My Boyfriend.