Tease And Denial Brought To You By LDW Group
3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

What is Tease and Delay?

Tease and delay is just what it sounds like: Sexually teasing a guy and then stopping and delaying the orgasm. It’s fun to do and the orgasms can be really intense. I’ve been teasing and delaying the men I’ve been with for years. No matter who I’m with at the time, they always end up letting me do it to them. It makes me feel powerful and they find they like the way it feels when I do let them come. And I always let them cum….eventually.

How Did I Start?

I started teasing and delaying by accident. I was casually dating this guy from work and we were both alone in the staff break room one afternoon. I suddenly had this idea to kiss him deeply right there by the coffee urn. I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled his neck. He jumped at my touch then laughed low in his throat. He turned around and kissed me hard. I reached down and pulled his cock gently. He gasped and kept kissing me. That’s the thing about teasing--- the best tease is an unexpected one in a very public or other unexpected place. It’s what I’m best at. No matter how the guy may feel at first, whether he’s embarrassed or scared of getting caught or anything else, he ends up melting like butter in my hands and loving it. After copping a feel in the break room, my boyfriend could not wait to get back to our apartment and fuck me. It was great.

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Teasing and delaying is not only good for the person getting teased. The person doing the teasing gets the benefit of the delayed arousal too. I love it when the guy I’m with looks at me secretly with those hungry eyes, like he could push me against the nearest wall and fuck me till I faint. It makes me feel like I have so much power over him.

Long Distance Tease

I can tease any guy anywhere! Distance doesn’t stop me. My boyfriend went on a business trip a few months ago. I called him every night and talked dirty to him and told him that I was touching myself and thinking of him or that I wished I could be kissing him or blowing him. I also texted him some of my dirty thought during the day. It kept me on his mind so that he was good and ready to come home to me when he was done. I’ve also teased a guy on the train that goes all the way up to Pike’s Peak in Colorado. That experience was an interesting one because I didn’t realize how much altitude could affect someone in an aroused state. We were sitting in a secluded part of the train and I was doing my usual thing, you know, trying to get him going. I was touching him and letting him touch me. All the sudden, he starts breathing really hard and almost passes out! Then the voice comes on the PA system giving the warning about over exertion in high altitudes. Now they told me! It was scary at the time, but we laughed so hard about it later… when we were back at sea level, that is.

I think that vacation time is the best time to tease my boyfriend. A couple of years ago, I spent the whole week teasing and touching him on the beach in Cancun. I wore my favorite orange bikini that looks great with my long, tanned legs and blond hair. I had also brought short jean cutoffs that I wore without underwear so that he could see my ass every time I walked away. I have a great ass that I work hard to keep looking good and I want to show it off! I also wore tank tops with no bra and skimpy pink lingerie. As I said, I was touching him and teasing him all week and didn’t let him come until the last night we were there. I told him that morning that I was going to let him come and I swear I could see him shaking with anticipation all day. And I must say that that was a night to remember…..

As you can see teasing and delaying can be fun for both of you. I’ve had men tell me that my tease and delay techniques taught them to be better lovers. They’ve said that they learned to slow down and not come so fast. All it takes to do tease and delay successful is two willing partners. If you look at it as a sexual adventure, both of you will be satisfied in the end.