Tease And Denial Brought To You By LDW Group
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Teasing The Sweet Frustration

The best time to tease my boyfriend is when we’re dancing. The club is usually dark and no one is paying any attention to us. The music is loud and the bass is pumping. The air conditioner is full blast so it’s frigid which is great because we’re usually sweating from the dancing and the crush of bodies on the dance floor. I will reach down and rub the tip of his cock softly as we move together. He loves when I do this and now expects me to do it whenever possible.

He loves that I’m imaginative and uninhibited. I love teasing him, then leaving him for a while awhile, then coming back and starting again. This is why I tease him a little in clubs and when we’re traveling. I love it when he comes home for lunch. We spend the time teasing and touching each other. He goes back to work with his cock hard and thinks of what he will do with me when he gets home for the rest of his day. I like to keep him aroused and thinking of me. Yes, he gets frustrated, but it’s a sweet frustration.

Vacation Tease

Even when he goes on business trips without me, he knows that he can call and I’ll talk sexy to him and get him all hot and hard. But he can’t come until he gets home to me. I remember he was in a five star hotel in Rome one night and we were talking sexy and he was begging me to let him come, but I told him how good it would feel when he got home and he could feel my hot mouth around his cock and he decided to wait. He always decides to wait because he knows that delay his orgasm makes it so much more intense when I do let him come that the sweet frustration is worth it.

I decided once to try something different when we went on vacation. I told him that I would tease him throughout Europe, but not let him come until we got home. He turned pale, but he agreed to try it my way. So that is what I did. All through the British Isles, down through Spain, Portugal and Italy, I took every opportunity to stroke, touch, caress and whisper to him. He made it all ten days without an orgasm, but I must admit that he was so hard up by the time we got home he could barely park the care in the driveway! That was a night to remember, believe me!

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I Won’t Deny You Forever

I always let him come…eventually. I just like to keep him teased up and ready. I believe it keeps him interested and engaged, even if most of the engagement consists of moaning and begging and pulling at my clothes. My clothes are another way I tease him. I keep my body in great shape. Tanned legs and long blond hair make me someone he wants to fuck. I go to the gym, but I’m not too muscular. I still want to look like a woman. I wear the sexiest things I can find, like boy shorts and mini skirts with tight tank tops and sandals and heels. I love expensive colored panties, thongs and bras in matching colors like red and black and pink just to name a few. I always dress to entertain and intrigue him. If we go to dinner, I have a garter belt and stockings on under my mini skirt and I sit so that he can see down my blouse whenever possible. I also have nice lingerie that I walk around the house in on Sundays. If I’m not naked, that is.

Don’t You Wish I Was YOUR Girlfriend?

He and I made this deal not long after we got together to have “naked Sundays.” This is a day when we don’t bother to put on any clothes all day. We tease each other throughout the day, go to bed early and fuck like crazy until we can’t anymore. It is difficult even for me to not want to fuck him or touch myself on those days when all I do is tease him to distraction. I’ve done things like rub my nipples on his back as he makes breakfast and I sit on his lap and feed him when he’s done cooking. I stroke his cock when we watch television and we always enjoy a shower together on these days.

I love our relationship and how we are with each other. Teasing and delaying his orgasms keeps him interested and interesting. I wouldn’t want it any other way!