Tease And Denial Brought To You By LDW Group
3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 0-800-014-8421

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Why do I tease and deny men? That's easy! I am a cock tease to the core! A cock tease is any woman who is completely in tune with her sexual power and prowess, and the effect she has on men. A cock tease gets hot and wet when she feels a man's eyes staring at her and she gives him those sexy peeks at the tops of her lace top thigh highs with a quick bend, a peek at her cleavage, or even a naughty sneak at her sexy panties. She can do this and leave you hard with your head spinning wondering if she really meant to tease you.

She did!

And as a cock tease, I feed off the reactions of men when I tease them. I may let you touch and stroke only to a certain point, until you breathlessly moan, and then I will slow you down and we will start all over again.

I can tease you at higher levels too! Go ahead and stroke. When you get close to cumming...right at that edge...I will have you immediately stop all stimulation and just breathe and relax while those orgasmic feelings go away!

Know this, with me you will be teased, and you will be denied. Sure I may allow you to earn a release, but you absolutely will earn it. I do not give out orgasms regularly. No good cock tease does.

I will promise you tease and denial sessions with me will be a wild ride. I will whip that excitement level up like crazy and leave you spent!