Tease And Denial Brought To You By LDW Group
3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Experienced cock teases like me know that there is no one single way to tease a man. Each man has his own turn-ons and turn-offs, and what serves as a trigger to drive one man absolutely mad might get no reaction at all from another. Some men may have multiple buttons that I can push, while others may be aroused by just one thing and one thing only.

This is, of course, not revolutionary information. Everyone knows that we're all individuals with our own tastes and preferences, etc., etc. But knowing that intellectually and being able to apply it in the practical sense are two completely different things.

Lucky for you, I can do both.

Finding each man's turn-ons and using them to my advantage is a specialty of mine. I'd say that I enjoy the challenge, but the truth is that it's rarely very challenging at all. You're all so very easy that it's almost painful!

Still, just because something is simple doesn't mean it can't still be entertaining. And I assure you, every time I drive a man to begging and pleading with my teasing skills, it's very entertaining...and even more so when I inevitably leave him high and dry.

So if it's tease and denial you're interested in, let me show you what it's like to play with a Mistress who knows how to tease out (if you will pardon the pun) your own unique triggers and give you the most intense case of blue balls you've ever had in your life.

I don't know about you, but I'm very much looking forward to it!