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Why Can’t Men Resist Teasing?

As any cock tease worth her salt knows, men can’t resist teasing. Young, old, rich poor, no man can ignore a beautiful woman teasing them. I have seen men try not to react when I walk by in my short skirt and then pretend like I’m picking something up off the floor just to show them my pink panties. I turn and wink at their shocked faces that turn into slow smiles. Then I walk away like it never happened. But the memory of it lingers in his mind and he thinks about it all day and that night when he’s fucking his girlfriend or playing with his cock. He imagines how he wishes it had happened… instead of winking at him, I would have come up to him pulled my skirt up and….

You know how the rest goes. So why are men so intrigued by the cock tease? Why is that momentary glance or touch of a beautiful woman spark great desire in a man?

Men Love the Unexpected

I think that men love the unexpected thrill of a cock tease. They love the idea that at any moment a woman could walk up to them in a public place and do something naughty like walk past and press a breast against their arm, or nonchalantly sit beside on a park bench in a very short skirt or low cut blouse. I remember once I was doing my morning jog through the park and I noticed this guy checking out my ass as I stopped and tied my shoe. I was wearing my tight black spandex shorts and a white tank spandex tank top. I work out a lot so my ass is tight and hard as granite. I walked over to him and silently reached out and ran my thumb over the tip of his cock through his running shorts. It was so quick and I was already walking away when I heard him gasp. I glanced over my shoulder to see this huge smile on his face, as if he’d gotten the exact present he wanted on his birthday. The best tease is the quick unexpected, yet sexually explosive, encounter. It’s out of the blue and keeps the guy’s attention for hours, even days, afterward.

The Thrill of the Tease

Men can’t resist a cock tease because it is a thrilling experience. Once I almost gave a guy a heart attack in a hot tub. We had met earlier in the evening at the house of a mutual friend. They were having a small get together around the pool to celebrate a promotion at work. As the night wore on and the booze flowed, we all retired to the bubbly hot tub. I had worn a yellow bikini to soak up the sun, but saw no reason to get the suit wet, so I just took it off quickly beside the hot tub and climbed in. This gent had seen my quick strip and was staring at me. Being the huge cock tease I am, I sat down beside him and cuddled up close. I let my bare nipples rub his chest as I straddled his hips and kissed him, my tongue fighting with his. Then I went on my way, striking up a conversation over glasses of white wine with some old friend from college. The guy was quiet and glassy eyed for the rest of the evening and I discreetly noticed that it took him awhile before he left his spot and climbed out of the tub, possibly because of the aching boner my little bit of teasing had left him with.

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A Fantasy Come To Life

Men can’t resist a cock tease because an encounter is like their sexual fantasies come to life. Men stroke their cock and think of a pretty cock tease bending over and looking over her shoulder to watch as he sees she doesn’t have any panties on, or one with one finger on her bottom lip and the other caressing her own nipple, looking at him with liquid desire in her eyes. I’ve actually done this to a guy in the men’s room at a private, member’s only gym. He looked really sexy to me, so I followed him into the showers and gave him a memory he won’t soon forget-- without him ever laying a hand on me.

I know men can’t resist a cock tease. I’ve seen it. I love it, and I love being a tease. I’m always looking for the next guy that I can thrill. Maybe it will be you!