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Why Aren’t Men as Good At Teasing Women as Women are At Teasing Men?

When I first heard this, I laughed. As an expert cock tease princess the thought that any man would think for even a moment that he could tease a woman on any level, especially one near what a woman can do, made me laugh so hard I couldn’t believe it was real. Honestly, everyone knows that a woman is a true born cock tease and any woman - yes I said ANY woman - can do it better than the best man.

So why bother even asking the question? That was my first reaction. Pointless question with an obvious answer. The thing is though, I love questions and figuring out the whys and hows of things, so once asked I can’t get it out of my head and blowing it off as pointless doesn’t work. So, I thought to myself, okay women ARE better at teasing than men, but why? Biology? Psychology? Sexuality? Intelligence? All of the above? Maybe. But I think there are a couple of main reasons.

Men have Cocks

First of all, there’s biology. Women and men are just put together differently. It doesn’t mean one sex is smarter or more sexy than the other, I know some damn sexy men, but it does mean that you have something we don’t. A cock. And this is your greatest downfall of all. Your cock gets hard, even when you don’t really think it’s an appropriate time. It has a mind of it’s own almost. You know what I mean. You sit in a college class and the hot girl in front of you tosses her hair over her shoulder, you see bra strap, get a wiff of her shampoo and a peek at the skin of neck sloping down towards where you know her breasts are and suddenly you are lost. You can’t concentrate, your cock is hard, anything the professor is saying is lost on you because you and your cock are thinking about touching her. You don’t mean to, but you are doing it anyway and you have to cover your lap to keep everyone from knowing it.

Your biology keeps you from being a good tease. You can’t even play hard to get. Think of you trying to tease this girl. Maybe she turns around and smiles at you, you see more skin, her v-neck tee shirt showing off more skin, almost to her breasts. Are you going to tease her? Give her a quick smile, look away, show her you’re hard? *giggle* That is NOT going to work! You’ll have to pretend you aren’t, somehow get her alone, turn her on, take her panties off and play with her, then stop until she begs you to do more. But that’s just not possible. Your cock is too hard and instead, if you managed to get her alone, you’d cum before she was even hot enough to almost have an orgasm. I’m sure the problem here isn’t lost on you, though it isn’t totally your fault. It’s just the way you’re made!

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Women Have Control

Long seen as the weaker sex, women have learned to use what power they have over men and that power is sexuality. A confident woman in a tight skirt flirting with you, is enough to send most men over the edge. She doesn’t even have to be the most gorgeous babe in the room. If she’s interested in you and has turned on that sexy female control, you’ll have a hard time resisting. You see, we know your cock isn’t under your control. Unlike us, you can’t hide how you are feeling, if you’re excited. A woman can be wet and turned on and unless you get close enough to touch, you’ll never know.

A woman can pretend not to be interested right up until the last moment, and still stop and leave you aching, even if she really does want to do more. We love to tease and the control and power that comes from it, is a huge turn on. For women it’s the journey and the destination, men just want to get where they are going. And that is the essence of why women are better at teasing men than men are at teasing women. You just can’t commit to the time it takes for a detour, you want to get to the finale. We love to make it last as long as possible and watch you squirm.