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3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

The Art of the Tease

Yes, there is an art to being a cock tease. Any female, yes it’s not just us, knows how to surprise and intrigue a man and keep his cock and his brain interested. That is the essence of the art of cock teasing. Personally, I didn’t set out to be a cock tease. It just happened gradually and then one night at a party, one of my girlfriends was helping me refresh the meat and cheese tray when she laughed and said that I was the biggest and best cock tease princess she’d ever known. I asked her to explain what she meant, and said something like “Seriously, me a cock tease princess?” and giggled. She just rolled her eyes and said, “You know what I mean.” I thought about her remark the rest of the night and most of the next day and finally decided that she was probably right and that I should embrace my talent.

Looking the Part

First you need the right clothes to be a tease. Heels are must, as is the ability to walk gracefully in them. They don’t have to be stilts. Most women who want to be sexy and graceful choose a heel they can look good in and go with that for most occasions. I have nice, long legs that look good in mini skirts, shorts, summer dress. In the winter, I wear short skirts with thigh high leather boots that have even higher heels. The reason for the boots is two fold: one, of course they look sexy as hell and make me look great and two, it gives me a reason to lean heavily on my date and hold his hand so I don’t slip on the ice. A good cock tease can always use this time for quick kisses and light touches that drive men wild.

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Why We Do It

Why am I a cock tease? That question has many answers and all of them are true. I am uninhibited and I love sex. There is also a certain feeling of empowerment that comes with teasing a man. I have never understood the argument that women are the weaker sex. This is simply not true in my opinion. Whoever controls the sex in the situation, no matter how brief or intimate controls the situation as a whole. Sometimes, women might choose to relinquish control, or maybe they do not even know they have it, but it is always a choice. I never give a guy a chance to hit on me. When I notice a guy staring at me in the airport, I make sure that he sees a little more leg, or move so that he’s at an angle to see down my shirt. Then I smile sweetly at him as I walk away forever.

I’ve also found that most of the men that I have been in long-term relationships with love when I tease them. Some friends of mine invited me and one of my long-term boyfriends to go to a vacation house on the lake with them for the weekend. The place was beautiful and really hot. So we all decided to go for a swim. I jumped out for a bathroom break and caught my man coming back out of the house. As I passed him, I kissed him and tweaked his nipple. He jumped as if I had shot him. Later, I found him passing through the laundry room and we fucked hard and fast against the dryer. He has also learned to expect anything when he takes me to a movie. We would always sit in the very back of the theatre. I’d stroke his cock while I kissed him, then stop and go get popcorn, come back and just when his breathing was back to normal, I’d start stroking again. It drove him crazy, but he loved it and it made for really great sex when we got home. Then there was the time we messed around on an airplane! It an incredible experience that I will never forget. It was on an overnight flight from New York to Los Angeles. We didn’t quite make the mile high club, but we were close.

It Comes Naturally

Women who are cock teases have to be comfortable being sexy. They have to be confident that they are beautiful. Bending over, picking up my purse and letting some stranger look at my thong all while looking innocently unaware is not for the faint of heart. A great cock tease will have excellent timing. She will know when to start, when to stop and just how far to go, so that the teasing is fun, playful and sexy instead of horribly embarrassing. Unless she wants to embarrass you! *giggle*